02 - 1 Hour Sports Massage 60 minutes

Price: £42

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Sports Massage is used for the benefit of all sports and exercise participants. It covers the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body. Sports massage is tailored to each individual needs to positively enhance their ability to perform.

Whether you are a serious competitor or just keeping fit, maintaining your body when participating in sports is essential especially as you get older. A regular sports massage can help to keep your muscles in good working order and enhance your mobility, flexibility and overall fitness. Sports massage is appropriate when:

  • You have a specific problem such as a pain in your knee when running  
  • You are in training for any event whether it’s a fun run,10k or a major Triathlon
  • You have just competed in an event and want to recover quickly

At Knead to Relax, we have four fully qualified sports massage therapists including Angela Mudge, an experienced international athlete. A well maintained body is essential to perform well and massage can identify problems before they become so serious that training is compromised. At Knead to Relax, we provide professional sports massage in our Stirling clinic for everyone from International athletes to occasional runner