13 - Slavic Massage 90 minutes

Price: £65

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Slavic massage is one of the oldest forms of massage. Developed over hundreds of years from the times of Genghis Khan, this art spread from the plains at the base of the Altai Mountains and around the shores of lake Baikal, through the great horse nations of the Slavic people from Central Asia and Eastern Europe and carried by them to the West. Slavic massage was gradually developed by people living close to nature in a true wilderness, and used in the nurturing care of both humans and horses. This deeply relaxing and hypnotic massage is created by gentle stretches, smooth flowing rhythmical, circular, diagonal and figure-of-eight movements, combined with warm oils. Slavic massage seems deceptively simple, but is highly effective.

It induces deep mental and physical relaxation, gently allowing the muscular system to de-stress and allowing the body to fully relax. The benefits of this type of massage are multi-faceted, the physical effects on the circulation and lymphatic system of massage are well known. With Slavic Massage there is also a marked improvement in the micro circulation to all areas improving skin tone and nourishing tissue cells. Also the specific oils used in this particular massage increase the nutrition and lubrication to the skin leaving it with a healthy glow. The deep relaxation and gentle stretching involved in the treatment is ideal for easing out the joints and reducing discomfort, in particular elderly clients and those with arthritis.