18 - Cranial Osteopathy Initial Consultation and Treatment 1 Hour 60 minutes

Price: £48



Cranial Osteopathy is a subtle and gentle type of osteopathic treatment which can help to relieve tension and everyday stress patterns that have built up throughout the body. The treatment itself involves the delicate manipulation of the cranial and spinal bones in order to restore the cranial rhythm.  In the treatment of adults, while the practitioner holds the appropriate bones and gently manipulates tissues, the patient is asked to concentrate on releasing tension and breathing.

Cranial Osteopathy is an effective approach that may be used in people of all ages.  Babies are often treated after birth. Cranial osteopathy is a gentle treatment that may help to ease the dramatic change from life inside the womb to life in the world outside.  Adults may also benefit from cranial osteopathy.